What kind of services are provided by FIG?

FIG provides services in relation to gemstones testing and issuing reports of the test.

Does FIG provide diamond and pearl testing services?

No, FIG does not provide services of diamond and pearl testing.

Does FIG provide grading testing services?

No, FIG does not provide services of grading testing.

How long does it take for testing?

FIG cannot provide customers an exact date of completion of the testing process. However, it is estimated that testing will take no longer than 10 working days. If testing cannot be completed with 10 working days, FIG will inform the customer.

How can customers pay for the service fees?

Payment may be made under 3 options: (i) Transferring to FIG’s bank account as provided in this website and the Stone Receiving Form; (ii) Making payment at FIG’s Bangkok office; or (iii) Making payment by credit card via this website.

Are vouchers sold in order to pay for services and, if so, what is the benefit of such voucher?

Yes, FIG sells vouchers to customers in the form of credit top up to a premium card. There are 4 tiers of voucher which customers can obtain and enjoy free credit from such voucher. For more details, please visit the Vouchers section in this website or contact FIG if you have further queries.

What are the benefits to ICA members using the services of FIG?

ICA members will enjoy a 10 percent discount by using the services of FIG.

Does FIG provide services to customers outside Switzerland and Thailand?

Yes, FIG provides services to customers around the world.


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